Celebrations are part of our culture and tradition. Celebrations are there to make our life happier, to uphold our traditional values and to increase the bonding between our families. In our culture, we have lot of festivals, be it smaller or bigger, pan India or region wise, so that we can celebrate those festivals. Also we have lot of small functions in our families like Family weddings, Baby showers, Baby Naming ceremony, Birthdays and much more. These celebrations are increasingly becoming important in these mechanical life because these celebrations provide us a platform for spending quality time with our families, extended families and friends, being happy and strengthen our bond to each other. Moreover, these celebrations provide beautiful moments that we can carry throughout our life.


It is needless to say; our celebrations are not complete with delicacies and new dresses.

The moment we think of any family wedding or festival the first things that comes to our mind are the traditional sweets and savouries or delicacies that are mouth-watering. 

And to add to this, the symbol of any family celebration are the beautiful dresses that we wear on the day. And what brings much more happiness is when we see our little ones wearing a cute Lehenga Choli or a South Indian Pattu pavadai or a Dhoti Shirt or a Sherwani.

And when we capture our kids in these cute dresses in a frame, so that we can see these pictures after years, when they have grown up & when their dress choices are totally different, these sweet moments when your kids are in a dress, which you love the most, those are the most happiest moments.


When it comes to apparels in India, we are blessed with multitude of traditions on cultures. Each culture has its own style, flavour of apparels. For example, for little girls, we have cholis, we have Pattu Pavadai, we have Half sarees and so on. 

Here comes the creativity of our fashion designers. Our fashion designers are so talented that they fuse and blend these multitude of ethnic wears and create new fashion wears. For example, the choli and Pattu Pavadai has been fused to create a new type of fashion pair that is a trend this year.

Similarly for boys, there are a lot of ethnic wears like South Indian Dhotis, Dhoti sets, Sherwani sets etc. And there are a lot of blends and fusions that has been created by blending Western wear with our traditional Indian wear, South Indian wear with the North Indian wear, to create a new style and new fashion.

Let us Celebrate our functions, Traditions & Life !